My name is Sverrir and I live in Isafjordur on the North west cost of Iceland, I earn my bread and bed as a fleet manager at a local fishing company. But in my spare time I spend my time developing a website that originally was intended for my wife and my sons fiance whom both are keen knitters. I wanted them to design their own sweaters. But things evolved when I published the website to a public server. And now knitters allover are using the website.

On this blog I will wright about the development of the software.

Please feel free to send me a post at sverrir@knittingpatterns.is


3 Responses to About

  1. this is brilliant thank you! taz x

  2. Maria Iyotte says:

    I can not use the design page anymore. I use firefox and have silverlight installed. I even uninstalled and reinstalled silverlight and still cnat get to the design pag. please help me out

    • Dear user
      I am using Internet Explorer and the program is running on my Windows 10 computer. Microsoft has promised to support Silverlight until 2020. There have been no changes to the program but some browsers have stopped supporting Silverlight. You might try another browser.

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